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Pneumatic Compression Therapy

The MK300 Doctor Life expands and contracts to help improve circulation and relax tense muscles. The device may drastically reduce the time it takes to recover from an injury, soreness, or fatigue and potentially make long recovery a thing of the past. A concentrate of technology dedicated to the aesthetic system MK 300-6 cells and two independent channels of compression has been specially designed for Medical Treatments Cellulite: Drainage-fatty deposits that have been dissolved or mixed lymphatic system after a first anti-cellulite massage-roll-type or lipolysis.

The Pneumatic Compression Massager from VIVO Wellness is an “air therapy” massager engineered to rejuvenate the body and spirit while offering superior health and wellness properties. The Pneumatic Compression Massager is built to achieve peak performance to help you feel healthier, happier and invigorated.

Pneumatic Compression Therapy
MK300 Pneumatic Compression Therapy

Benefits of Pneumatic Compression:

  • Improves overall circulation
  • Reduces water retention
  • Diminishes swelling of legs and ankles
  • Decreases swelling post surgery and radiation treatment
  • Stimulates movement of stagnant lymphatic fluids and toxins (cellulite reduction)
  • Accelerates weight loss with toxin reductions
  • Optimizes and improves sleep quality
  • Accelerate post-workout healing