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NanoVi TM Technology at San Gabriel Valley’s Most Trusted Wellness Spa

At Aurora Cryo Wellness Spa, we offer NanoVi™ technology—the ultimate innovation to support health, performance, and healthy aging. Our team is specifically trained with this bio-identical signaling device, which promotes vitality at the cellular level. We recommend this treatment for patients looking to address an illness or just want to maximize their vitality and quality of life. NanoVi™ technology is proven to promote cellular activity to counteract damage caused by oxidative stress, which comes with age as well as many common diseases. Patients have experienced significant relief from chronic illnesses that they have not found in other traditional methods.

Health Benefits Include:

  • Better Oxygen and Nutrient Utilization
  • Stronger Cell Energy Production
  • Improved Cell Metabolism
  • Faster Regeneration from Cell Damage
  • Superior Protection Against Free Radicals
  • Stronger Immune System

Non-Invasive, Anti-Aging Treatments with Proven Results

­Whether you are looking for superior physical performance or desire holistic, anti-aging solutions, NanoVi™ technology has shown proven results in patients of all ages that seek a non-invasive approach to improving their health and well-being. Aurora Cryo Wellness Spa believes in the power of healthy cellular activity to remain vital—whether you are a pro-athlete or looking to combat the symptoms of aging. Decades of medical research shows that the cell’s ability to metabolize oxygen noticeably declines in people as young as their 30s. Our patients experience a superior level of care that you can’t find anywhere else. To experience the Aurora Cryo Wellness difference, call our spa today to schedule a complimentary consultation today. We can answer any and all questions you may have.