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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC)?

WBC is a treatment which exposes the body to temperatures typically between negative 200 and negative 260 degrees Fahrenheit for one to three minutes. The body’s normal response is a “fight-or-flight” reaction which triggers positive effects that may reduce pain from inflammation, increase endorphin levels, and improve metabolism.

What benefits can I receive from WBC?

  • Increased collagen and energy levels
  • Improved blood flow
  • Higher metabolism (more efficient caloric burning)
  • Faster tissue repair
  • Raised endorphin levels

How long does it take before my body gets back to normal temperature?

It typically takes between 10-15 minutes for your external skin temperature to return to normal. You will not feel cold a few minutes after your session, primarily from the higher energy level and endorphins.

Does WBC have any after-workout benefits?

Yes! In fact, WBC is very effective in reducing inflammation and helping the body rebuild muscle tissue through increased blood flow and toxin release after

What is Localized Cryotherapy (LC)?

LC is a treatment which is similar to WBC, that is, the body is exposed to temperatures between negative 30 and negative 40 degrees Fahrenheit. The
difference, however, is that the time of exposure is longer for localized cryotherapy, that is, five to ten minutes. This extended period of time at the warmer
temperatures, compared to the WBC will cause the same “fight-or-flight” effect which will trigger the positive effects that reduce pain from inflammation,
increases endorphin levels, and improve metabolism. Benefits over WBC for localized treatment are that specific area of the body can be pinpointed for
treatment such as the back, knees, calf, hands, etc. This allows us to focus cryotherapy in a way that WBC does not.

Can WBC / Localized Cryotherapy help me burn calories?

One of the benefits of WBC is that it has the possibility of increasing your body’s ability to burn calories more efficiently. This may translate to burning 500 to 800 extra calories through increased metabolism.

How often should I receive treatment?

Usually, it takes several sessions to determine the level of response. Some customers see the desired results only after several consecutive sessions while others may need just a few sessions a month.

How long is a WBC / Local Cryotherapy session?

Typically, WBC lasts one to three minutes. WBC sessions can also be adjusted by intensity (Level 1 up to Level 3). Note: We recommend that first-time WBC users start with Level 1 for 2 minutes. Local Cryotherapy sessions range between five to ten minutes. For the best results, skin temperature should be lowered by at least 30 degrees Fahrenheit.

Things to know before your first cryotherapy treatment

We ask that all users of WBC have no jewelry or metal on their body, including piercings. The client’s skin must be completely dry, meaning no lotion, moisturizer, or oil applied before the treatment.

Precautions you should be aware of prior to having the treatment

It is not recommended to do WBC if you have uncontrolled high blood pressure, have experienced a prior heart attack, are currently pregnant, have unstable chest pain, have a disease of the blood vessels, cold allergies, open sores, a history of blood clots, or nerve pain.